The Dorman Museum

A while back now me and two others on my course went to the Dorman museum, Middlesbrough, to do a workshop with a local artist who taught us how to draw textures like feathers, which we thought would be useful when doing fashion illustrations. We went into this room they have called the "bird room" which is filled with taxidermy birds and nests and eggs and it's fascinating. We used those as reference to draw from life, using lots of new techniques and media. Here's one picture I ended up with; a negative drawing of a birds' nest done in graphite and eraser:

While we were there, we also had a look around the rest of the museum, which was really good. I took some pictures while I was there so you guys could see what it was like. There was also a medieval torture exhibition on when we went which was really fascinating; I got lots of pictures of that too! Click here to see them.

Lauren xoxo

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