Professional studies hand-in day - My Evaluation!

Hi everyone! So, it’s hand-in day for the professional studies module! So here’s my written evaluation of the module now that it’s over.
The main things we had to do for the module were in two parts. Firstly, we had to create this here weblog of which you are currently reading, and post relevantly to our course and lectures, and secondly, we had to write a report of a minimum of 500 words on a chosen job role within the fashion industry, and research the job role ourselves and get interviews from experienced people where needed.
For my report, I chose to do it on the job role of a fashion designer, as that is the job that I think I would most like to pursue within the industry, ideally. I was lucky enough to get an interview via email with the owner of a vintage shop in Middlesbrough called Ticky Turner vintage, who has done everything from scratch for her business by herself and is successful, so she had relevant experience within the industry for me to learn from. I found this very inspiring and informative, and it gave me a lot of information to put into my report. Also, I used a number of different websites and books to research the job role, and things like which qualifications are needed for the job, and what skills you need to be successful. I found this part of the module challenging and informative but it was not particularly enjoyable for me. I think that in future to do better on tasks like this, I should use information from a wider range of sources to gain further knowledge.
As for the blogging part of the module, we had to create and run our own fashion blog, and post about topics that interest us but also were relevant to the lectures we received. I did this by posting about topics like contemporary styles of presentation, fashion ethics, and current fashion. I also posted about the work that I was doing as part of my course. To gain more hits on my blog, I used skills that I had learnt in my professional studies module, like publicising my blog myself and being professional, and through doing this I actually was offered space on blog hosting sites who publicise and promote peoples’ posts to get them read and noticed by more people, which proved to be a success. I also did things like linking other social networking sites to my blog so that it was accessible in more ways. I chose blogger as my blogging platform because after researching fashion blogs, I found that it was the most popular platform for fashion bloggers to use. I found this part of the module very easy because I had already had lots of blogging experience previously running other blogs, so I knew all about how to write and how to format my blog. I really enjoyed this part of the module as I like working with computers and social networking and blogging is a hobby of mine anyway. I think if I had to do it again, to improve I would ensure that I posted in more regular intervals.

Overall, I have found the professional studies module interesting and informative and I have really enjoyed it!

Lauren xoxo

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