Visual communication IT - my work so far!

Hi guys!
I'm sitting in my vis com IT lesson as we speak and now I've FINALLY got my flats drawn that I was talking about before, I need them checked before I can scan them in to render on illustrator, but Lynne is doing tutorials with everyone at the mo, so I thought I'd tell you about my work so far while I wait!
OK. So, the first thing we did was learn basics on illustrator, which I made a post about, remember? (If not, here it is: We made a few different flats up after this first lesson, just to get used to different things, and I made a button template for my archive, and here they are:

Next, we had to choose a spring/summer '14 collection to work on for our project on range plans. I had a look around, and found one I liked on the London Fashion Week website by L'wren Scott. I liked her collection because a lot of the garments seemed to be inspired by traditional Japanese culture and garments like kimonos and yukatas, and I personally am very interested in Japanese culture. Oh, which reminds me, I just bought a vintage kimono and obi from Japan and I'm waiting for it to arrive, so expect a post about it in the future! But anyway, I chose 4 outfits from the collection to work on that fitted together well, but were each very different in terms of shape. Here they are:

You can find more info on L'wren Scott and the rest of the collection here.
So then, after I'd chosen, I had to draw some garment flats (hand-rendering) from the photos of the collection, which are the things I'm waiting to get checked as we speak! I found it more challenging when I did it than I was expecting. I hope they're ok, I don't really want to do them again haha! But anyway, here they are:

Sorry the photos are a bit dark!
So finally, we started making up our art boards on illustrator. The first board we worked on was just a board showing the photos of the collection, the logo of the designer, and the main colours used. It was fun though, because we had to use pantone colour references on the boards and we had a pantone solid coated colour book to look through and match up our collection colours to the references in the book. It was such a fun lesson! The colour books are so pretty, and I have to admit I've become slightly obsessed with pantone colour referencing ever since, and I ordered a pantone phone case from pantone universe which I'm currently waiting to arrive! (I'm kind of addicted to internet shopping, can you tell?!)
Here's a few pictures I took of the solid coated colour referencing book:

SO PRETTY. Anyway, finally after we matched up our colours, we put together our first boards! Sorry for the bad photo again (I am getting a decent camera for christmas thank goodness!) but here is a picture of what mine looks like:

So that's everything up to speed! The next board I'll be working on is the board with my garment flats drawings on it, and then afterwards we'll put together our IT skills we've learned with Lynne and our hand-rendering skills we've learned in vis com with Vicky to create posed fashion illustrations which will be rendered on illustrator to make them look professional. I can't wait!
Hope everyone's having a good day despite the awful weather on this chilly wednesday morning :)

Lauren xoxo

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