Pechakucha Presentations

Hi guys! So a few weeks back in professional studies we learned about a presentation format called Pechakucha which I'd never heard of before, and I wanted to make a post about them because I think that they're a really good idea. The basic idea of these presentations is to get across key pieces of information in a short space of time preventing rambling thus boredom and all kinds of such catastrophes. The format is 20 slides, which advance automatically and have no text on them, and last for 20 seconds each, so it's 20x20. You can do a Pechakucha on absolutely anything, but they're really popular within the design/creative community. It's even become such a craze that people hold Pechakucha evenings (ngl I really really want to go to one of these) which are casual social events where a little group of people each do a Pechakucha and drink and have snacks and things and I think it's all different kinds of adorable! Aside from that though I think for people like me it's a great format because I really struggle with things like presentations because I get anxious and I worry that if I have to read off a screen then I'll do something silly like stumble over my words and everything will go wrong, but since it's so quick there's no time for nerves and because there's no text on the slides you don't have that awful (and boring) reading-off-the-screen thing going on and it just feels more natural altogether because you just look at the image on the screen and it kind of jogs your memory into speaking about the image so that it's spontaneous and it feels more like talking to a friend than 'doing a presentation'.
Anyway, I just thought that it was a really cool concept and I really want to go to one of these Pechakucha evenings! Hope you guys found it as interesting as I did!

Lauren xoxo

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