The Blogging Survey: Results

Hi everyone!

This post will be about the blogging survey which I posted about a while ago, as I now have some results!
People have stopped responding now and the response total is 32, which means that I reached my goal of 30 responses and should be able to make some valid generalisations when I analyse the results in detail in my report!
Here's a brief summary of what I found out:

- People unanimously favour Blogger as their chosen platform, both for blogging, and reading blogs.
- This is closely followed by Wordpress, and then Tumblr.
- A lot of the participants had blogs of their own.
- People are more likely to read blogs if they feel that the writer is genuine and personable.
- Some of the most mentioned responses to what people thought were important features were interesting subject matter, posts being well written, and the layout being aesthetically pleasing.
- Beauty blogs are the most favoured by readers, and help/instructional blogs are the least favoured.
- Things that put readers off blogs most are unpleasant topics or opinions and badly written posts.
- Social media is the most popular way of readers finding blogs to read.
- People enjoy the use of images.
- Vibrant colours and interesting fonts are generally favoured, but simple layouts are liked more than complex ones.
- Occasional variation in topic is favoured.
- People believe that links to social media improve a blog.
- People dislike the use of background music.
- Shorter posts are favoured over longer ones.
- Collaborations and guest posts are liked.
- People prefer image-heavy blogging over text-heavy blogging.
- An informal, chatty tone of writing is preferred.
- Adverts are largely disliked.

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