Hello! My name is Caroline, a red haired 20 year old blogger who will be taking over Lauren’s blog for today – how exciting!

Basically I am here to tell you a little bit about me and blogging so let us begin.

It is just coming up to a year in June since I created my blog, theadventuresofcarolineosbel. One of my reasons for making one is because I am currently studying Journalism at university so it was important for me to get myself out there to make it in the industry.

However, the main reason is because I wanted to get a lot of feelings and emotions out about certain things. My blog is basically a way for me to express my own opinions without necessarily being judge for them. It is an escapism whilst hopefully helping people through certain experiences in their life that I have had to face.

Personally, I don’t have one specific thing that I write about on the blog. The posts vary every time. They can be anything from film/TV show reviews, the latest fashion/makeup I have bought, help and advice to my personal experiences or 20 random facts about me and vintage things. I post everything and anything.

In today's technologically advanced society, there are loads of blogs/vlog channels that focus on a certain thing such as a fashion style or a genre of music/film etc and I find them rather boring and the same. I try to break this by posting stuff that are random and that I like.

Blogging for many is a way to express feelings but also a way to just be themselves. From beauty and fashion to reviews and health pieces, you can control what you put out there. You can be as crazy as you want to be, nothing is stopping you for doing it. It is so easy to start a blog. There is Blogger or WordPress and many more to choose from so you have no excuse. By setting one up, it is also promoting you. If you are applying for a job, college, university etc, then by saying you have a blog you update regularly then you are showing them creative, organisational, writing, photography skills.

Blogging is so easy and simple to do. It is free and it makes you stand out from the crowd. It gets you talking to people you might not necessarily to talk whilst you express your thoughts and feelings.  Many people blog for fun but to become a successful blogger then it is simple: just do it.

My top 5 tips about blogging:
1.       Blog about things that interest you!
There is no point in blogging something about sport when you hate it. Blog about something you love and that you are passionate about. Don’t waste your energy on writing something that you dislike.

2.       Encourage interaction!
Get your readers involved. If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, share your blog on there. Encourage your friends to have a read on your latest article. Then make them share the link on their profiles- more shares, more views, more readers! Able them to follow you on those different sites as well and allow the option for them to comment on your posts. It engages your readers and involves them in the article.

3.       Use images!
Break the text up with pictures that are relevant to the topic. You don’t want to read a text heavy article, people will most likely get bored. By involving photographs you create a more pleasing visual for your audience. If you have a good quality camera/phone then take videos and pictures on that. If you don’t, have a look on a search engine (be aware of copyright though). It makes the blog more appealing.

4.       Update regularly!
I try to post at least twice a week and by doing this it keeps my readers updated with what I am doing in my life. By posting various topics, it keeps them intrigued too. Fashion one post and a review another, the audience doesn’t know what is coming up next on your blog. Obviously if you want to focus on a certain aspect then do it!
Furthermore, prepare your posts! Research the topic and write them a week or two in advances. Try to keep your posts simple. Many people skip read so keep it short and to the point. This saves you from panicking the day/night before the day you publish a post.
Update, update, update whenever you can.  

5.       Be yourself!
Remember it is YOUR blog so post whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like what you have written, ignore the negativity. You can delete those comments or simply scroll past them. Don’t let that put you off blogging.

So there you have it! I hope this has helped and that is all from me! Bye x
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