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Hello again everyone!

I realise in the last post I said that I had moved and that I would not be using this blog anymore. That is now not strictly true. I have still got a new blog which will be my main focus for personal leisurely blogging, but at the same time I will be continuing to blog here. The reason being is that last year, I started this blog as a fashion blog, as a project for university as part of my professional studies module. At the end of the year I thought that this module was over, hence my moving to another personal blog, but this year we are doing professional studies again, so I need to keep using it.
However, we now have to blog differently. We have to choose our main area of interest within our study and specialise in it, blogging about this in a more focused way instead of blogging about the course and fashion in general. My main interest is definitely blogging itself, so I decided to base my blog on that; hence its new name: The Meta-Blog.
So this is the cutoff point. I know that before I blogged about fashion and university and sewing, and the posts are still there as I don't want to lose all of my work from last year, but now I will only be blogging about, well, blogging. I think it will be a strange concept to do this, but nonetheless I am looking forward to doing it. I like a challenge.
I have a few ideas for posts I can do soon so watch this space...

Lauren xoxo

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