Today's technical: skirt pattern drafting

Wow, today has been SO busy. We had technical today and we used our skirt blocks that we made earlier to draft a pattern for a skirt that we're going to make next week. We had to make some alterations after drawing round the block though; we had to shorten it, add pockets and pocket bags, add a zip fly, and add a waistband. We had to cut out all of the separate pieces that we'd need when we'd made them from the draft, and label them properly with fabrics and instructions and grain lines etc. There was a lot to do in the time we had and I had to rush a lot towards the end to get finished but I just about managed it! I was really stressed out when I got home though because I hate rushing and I was also reeeally tired, so I had a nice hot bath to relax. :) And now I'm just about to do some work on the sketchbook I'm working on for my design project inspired by my surroundings. I'm basing mine on my room, because it's literally full of things to be inspired by (my optimistic way of saying it's cluttered to death). I'm excited for Monday though because we're going to Bowes museum again because there is a Laura Ashley exhibition on and also another exhibition which is fashion-related - tailoring I think?! Still, it will be good. So until then, I'll be cracking on with my sketchbook. No rest for the wicked!!!
Here's a few pictures of the skirt drafting from today:

Lauren xoxo

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